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Your book took time, sweat, tears, and probably blood, along with a ton of help from the people around you. It deserves a great cover and interior design that you can be proud of.

My Services
Book Design Essentials

Readers are sensitive creatures on a quest for a good read. The book cover must tell them, ‘pick me up, I’m exactly what you’re looking for!’ This article will help you understand the basics of book cover design, and help you make wise choices when it comes time to design your book.

About Me

Hi. I’m Kami, and I do interior and cover design for print books.

Portfolios and You

If you’re not at all acquainted with book design, here’s some information you might find helpful before you take a look at my portfolio, or view anyone else’s.

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Fiction and non-fiction books, banners, and I'll even create your business cards!

our team

Kamila Miller

Kamila Miller


Kamila Miller lives in the Pacific NW on a small hobby farm in the Columbia River Gorge with her husband, Rory Miller, who writes and lectures around the world on conflict communications and violence dynamics. In addition to being aRead more

Rory Miller

Rory Miller


Rory is an experienced author and conflict communications expert. He’s frequently consulted on design aesthetics, marketability, and message. He also assists in cat removal when a job requires extra concentration.

Doris Klein

Doris Klein


Doris is an experienced webmaster. My business would not be able to function without her! If you have issues with this website, please contact her so that she can set it straight.

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$ 40Per Hour
  • Design
  • Formatting
  • Image Manipulation
  • Custom Typography


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  • Stock Acquisition
  • Font Acquisition
  • Custom Photography
  • Expedited Delivery


  • Skype or Phone Consultations
  • Formatting Error Corrections
  • Publishing Advice
  • Troubleshooting