Nano Nano…

Our beloved webmaster, like me, participates in Nanowrimo–the National (International actually) Novel Writing Month. I thought it would be fun to put together a cover for her work-in-progress for this year, just for kicks. She told me it was a mostly-funny book with some real life experiences with zebra finches. You see, Doris is part of a network of people in Germany who rescue and rehabilitate sparrows and other tiny birds, and so although she said it was going to be a funny book, I had a feeling that a lot of real-world passion and some poignancy was going to work itself in. I guess I must have gotten it right! She posted it on her profile page.

Although the focus is on writing during Nanowrimo, one of the pleasures of participating is putting up a temporary book cover. I look forward to it every year. Now if I can just get my book written, I’ll be set!

Nano Nano…

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